Collaborate for Change: Inaugural CSOs Quarterly Summit

April 26, 2024 1372 Views

The CSOA Secretariat successfully organized the inaugural Quarterly CSOs Meet with an aim to enhance the networking among the CSO Sector. Furthermore, the meeting enabled CSOs to brainstorm ideas and adopt constructive and collaborative approaches in enhancing their impact on the society. The Quarterly CSOs Meet was held for two days from 25th to 26th April, 2024 in Paro. The meeting was attend...

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Bhutan Film Institute registered as CSO.

December 6, 2023 2614 Views

In a significant stride towards recognizing and fostering impactful philanthropic initiatives, the Authority has formally awarded Certificate of Registration to a new Civil Society Organization, recognizing its commitment to social impact and community services. The certification affirms the organization's commitment to transparency, accountability and the pursuit of positive social chang...

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CSOs Join Forces in Prayers for Our Nation's Prosperity

June 22, 2023 2199 Views

Members of Civil Society Organizations and the Authority's Secretariat attended the Goenpo Tshe-Pamed and Tsheku Yangku rituals and offered prayers for the prosperity of the country. The kurim was conducted as the part of the six days rituals to avert natural disaster and presided by His Holiness the Jekhenpo and performed by the monks of the Central Monastic Body. ...

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Towards a dynamic and accountable CSOs

June 14, 2023 1748 Views

The Authority with support from Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and Bhutan Transparency Initiatives (BTI) conducted a two days comprehensive workshop aimed at enhancing the implementation and assessment of the Accountability Standards for CSOs on 12th - 13th June 2023 at Paro. The event brought together representatives from 47 registered CSOs to promote and strengthen accountability practice...

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Authority-CSOs Meet

May 25, 2023 1549 Views

"Creating a stronger foundation: Revising rules and reforming governance in CSOs for an enhanced support and impact". In a bid to adapt to the changing times and ensure governance, the first ever Authority-CSOs Meet was held on 24th & 25th May 2023 at Thimphu. The meeting was chaired by the Hon'ble Chairperson of the Authority, His Excellency the Home Minister and attended by ...

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